Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alex Massie Iain Dale: These Bloggers Don't Write They Ejaculate

Bullseye. I decided it was time to enter the ranks of the bloggers, so I penned an article in the Herald which I hoped would elicit some comment. I said that "bloggers don't write, they ejaculate" amongst other highly uncomplementary things, and added that "the blogosphere has been hijacked by sociopathic egos with extreme views who spend most of their time attacking each other". You can read the piece below this post.

As expected, I was soundly bitch-slapped by the blogging fraternity. I instantly entered the blogosphere as "quote of the day" on Iain Dale's diaryand was subjected to excoriation throughout the blogosphere. For those who don't know, Iain Dale is the blogger's blogger, following Guido Fawkes daily screenwipe. Alex Massie also quoted my column extensively in his blog.

This rather beautifully confirmed what I had argued, namely that the blogosphere is a new frontier of ego-journalism, in which the content of the contributions matters far less than he identity of the blogger.

This is more than a little worrying, because this is the new journalism that I will presumably have to adapt to as the old print media declines into insolvency.

Like most journalists I am a bit of an egotist as well, so I'm not saying that I am in some way morally superior. You can't pontificate day in day out without being just a tad, well, self-opinionated. But the blogosphere is technologically determined in that it is a field which has been taken over by a particular kind of savvy geek. It's immediacy and its lack of any cost-base makes it ideal for people who love their computers and hate the world.

Which I don't. I like the idea of the internet - a digital democracy where all can have their say - but I loathe the practical reality of it. The people who tend to post comments after newspaper articles tend to be of a particular personality type, who indulge their rage behind the anonymity of silly pseudonyms. It is a little like speaking to an audience wearing Donnie Darko masks. This has now become institutionalised in the form of the blog, which is an extension of this kind of citizen journalism.

I also hate the practice of working on the web - links and search engine optimisation strategies - which is about as interesting as programming a video recorder. I can't bring myself to start blogging at one am either. Immediacy is everything on the blog, and it is a medium which positively discourages reflection and any kind of serious thought. It is, as I said, a medium of ejaculation - you splurge your emotions, raw and runny, straight onto the electronic page, and - click - it's away and 'out there' for eternity. Probably.

I have written for decades very widely all sorts of political, cultural and economic issues in the Sunday Herald, The Herald, The Guardian and The New Statesman. But I have never had any presence on the blogosphere before. I can see now that the way to making a name for yourself here is to attack the bloggers, as personally as possible.

So perhaps I should say that Iain Dale is a right wing bigot who writes a totally unreliable and poisonous diary of self promotion. Guido Fawkes, aka Paul Staines, is a demented crypto-fascist who has made racism respectable on the web. Alex Massie writes a turgid and tiresome and frequently incomprehensible column and trades on his name.

Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this! Roll on the google ads...


Iain Dale said...

And to think, you get paid for this :)

Anonymous said...

Iain, love your work, but maybe you're right to leave the blogging to the bloggers eh

Stuart Winton said...

Iain, I'm not sure what you hope to achieve by the crude stereotyping of hundreds or even thousands of diverse individuals as 'scum', 'nasty' and 'sociopathic'.

Yes, there are such people represented in the blogosphere, but that's because it represents real life, which clearly isn't very pretty at times, but they surely don't represent the whole blogosphere in the unqualified manner that you portrayed it in your article?

You compare the Herald's journalistic standards to the blogosphere generally, but that's about as relevant as using the Daily Sport's journalism to represent the press as a whole and then comparing that to Iain Dale or Alex Massie.

No doubt there are nasty, scum, sociopathic journalists out there, but if I was blog about journalists generally on the basis of the worst of your calling then presumably you'd take offence?

Most of the blogs I read would describe a clearly diverse group of people in more nuanced terms than yourself, thus compared to them does that make you the nasty and sociopathic one?

Richard Havers said...

Given your sudden out-pouring on your blog Iain I can only assume you have been feeling some build up of pressure and have a desperate need to release it. . . especially so, having not posted since January.

As Stuart says, stereotyping almost always undermines an argument. However, the world is moving on and newspapers are finding it hard to deal with the change in the new media order. Clearly few people make money out of blogging (in of itself) and it will be interesting to see what happens as newspaper revenue continues to fall.

I write books and I am constantly being reminded that there is a change a coming with e-readers set to dominate the world (possibly). Is publishing trying to deal with this? Well yes, and no. It deals with it by wanting to bolt on its existing distribution model to the new digital books. It won't work. Newspapers need to throw out the old model and get some creativity into designing something new and exciting. It's not the blogosphere that's the problem it's that the world of digital media is so far ahead that nothing will ever be the same again.

Unless of course the EU ban blogs!

I enjoy your writing so please keep blogging and please keep doing the day job!

Anonymous said...

This stuff kinda reminds me of Lunchtime O'Booze, Private Eye's pissed old hack struggling to cope with new technology.

If you've got nothing relevant to say and can't be bothered doing a bit of basic research, just try to cover up by being gratuitously provocative, eh Ian?

I'm off back to J. Arthur MacNumpty - a political blog that manages to inform and entertain, unlike your embittered meanderings.

Mark Pack said...

"This rather beautifully confirmed what I had argued, namely that the blogosphere is a new frontier of ego-journalism"

Really? Alex Masie's piece was a very factual dissection of many of the claims in your original piece.

Factual, relevant, well-argued. Isn't that just the sort of writing you should be praising? Why do you call it "ego-journalism"?

Neil Craig said...

Much of the problem is that as a newspaper journalist you are at least not disinterested in the fact that the net is visibly replacing newspapers.

I dispute that blogs generally are more unfairly vituperative than papers, merely that their targets are more likely to include the great & good. I think you would also have to agree that the unanimity of view which the MSM can achieve damages freedom & democracy. You might even agree that blogs which report things which are newsworthy but not reported by the MSM are doing a public service.

To give an example, as a test, I sent the Herald a letter containing these on the record stories which don't get coverage. Unsurprisingly they failed the test & I think you would accept that you would face great problems if you decided to give any of them the deserved coverage in any paper you write for:

"Perhaps he would be better employed reporting on such things as the public admission, over a year ago, by Carla del Ponte the Yugoslav War crimes prosecutor that she has known for years that our NATO police (as the KLA became when we occupied the place) had been dissecting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of living Serbs to sell their body organs. Perhaps he should report on the faking of newspaper photographs in reporting of the Tibetan riots, the Georgian war & of course, any war involving Israel. Perhaps he should report that, contrary to well publicised assertions by the "green" lobby that 99.9% of scientists support the global warming claim, the largest single collection of scientists' opinions is the 31,000 who signed the Oregon Petition, not only saying it is no problem but that increased CO2 is beneficial. Perhaps he should report that so many of the charities, whose press releases, calling for ever more government regulation & spending, form a staple in so much of the mainstream media & who buy stands at party conventions, are often largely funded by government money."

topher said...

Iain I'm glad to see you return to blogging but this like your Herald piece is below standard. It's poorly argued, offers sweeping generalisations backed by no sort of evidence, and sadly the ego is well in evidence.

SNP Tactical Voting, J. Arthur MacNumpty and Alex Massie have all written linked articles which are balanced, restrained and much better structured. The comparison defeats your case and does not augur well for print journalism.

rugfish said...

Welcome to blogland.
You'll sharp get the hang of it but if I could suggest you mind your generalizing attitude doesn't brim over into stereotypical narrow minded self aggrandizing bullshit, otherwise people won't blog back their replies, they'll just return insults or otherwise ignore you.

That's how it works in real life you see, and an example of this could be explained if you think about the bloke in any pub who stands in lonesome company near the fireside whilst boring the arse and tits off a donkey and sipping his glass of chilled Chablis, and finding it upsetting that the 6 blokes tanking pints down, telling each other jokes and having a 'spiffingly' good time, are simply 'annoying'.

Real life goes which ever way you want to push it matey.

neil craig said...

As expected the Herald didn't publish this, or any, letter disputing what Iain said & is still censoring all the news stories mentioned.

Could there be stronger proof that the standards of the MSM are far lower than those, on average, of the blogsphere?

Michael MacLennan said...

Afraid to say I agree with Mark Pack here, instead of replying to Massie's eloquently put piece you've gone for the lowest common denominator, all while completely ignoring his pertinent points. Way to lower the bar. Most saddening of all, you resemble one of those bloggers you appear to think that you tower over...

As for bloggers 'ejaculating', how often are newspaper journalists allowed adequate time and space to properly reflect and comment on an issue, rather than being forced to pounce on it to try and be topical? Oh.

neil craig said...

Not sure what bloggers Iain could be accused of towering over.

Certainly his own post seems to be from a "bigot who writes a totally unreliable and poisonous .. self promotion, .. demented crypto-fascist who [helpd make] racism respectable [in the Herald & has a]... turgid and tiresome and frequently incomprehensible column and trades on his name [& on the fact that his publisher most definitely does not believe in any right of reply for those it attacks]."

And clearly doesn't feel up to replying.

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