Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dixon of Wood Green speaks about the issues of today

 Our policemen are wonderful.  They are a thin blue line between order and chaos.  So what if they slap the odd woman in the face and beat her legs with their batons.  She asked for it didn't she? 

 She was quite clearly giving disrespect, and we know what disrespect leads to. It leads to anarchy that's what it leads to.  And as for noncy newspaper sellers who get in our way, well, we know how do deal with them too. 

 When you see us coming, you better step aside if you want to look after your health.  Because we are the metropolitan police territorial support group and we own this town.  Yes, own it.  Are you listening you cruddy mob of leftie, cider-swilling job-dodgers.  

Politicians are corrupt and weak, but we are strong and we know what this country needs.  It needs a bit of order on the streets and a bit of respect for officers of the law. 

If you don't want to get hurt then don't get in our way.  Some people call it a police state.  We call it the exercise of proper authority.  This country has gone to the dogs and we are the handlers. 


Richard Havers said...

Not sure the Herald would publish this. :)

Nikostratos said...

Oi! Macwhirter this is the south and 'we do what we want'

as the MET would say

Dave Hansell said...

This is the level of puerile/infantile drivel that you hear in the school playground.

If this is the sort of standard you get from an "award winning" columnist" its no wonder the newspaper industry is going down the pan.

Opinions are like arseholes - everyone's got one and in cases like this it's impossible to tell the difference between the opinion and the arsehole spouting it.

Here's a tip Ian. Go and get a real job and start living in the real world. You are clearly not cut out to comment on grown up issues.

Anonymous said...

So, Dave Hansell.... what is your opinion of the police in London...?You came here to comment and forgot to mention that, busy as you were commenting on the author of the piece. BTW, I shouldn't think he wants any tips from you... Who would?

Seems to me the Met has become a pretty frightening bunch of people who need training in how to deal with demonstrations without killing innocent passers by or injuring people going about the perfectly legal business of protesting.

You can add to that that they appear to still be racist and homophobic, and in the pockets of Gordon Brown.

It seems that there are an awful lot of them with scambled egg on their hats..... and, it seems some of it has dripped on to their faces.